Chanel Lipstick


This lipstick gives a light pink color on the lips. It has a lot of shimmer and fits very well now for the summer. It looks very natural, but you can make it stronger by putting on several layers. I have the color 70 MONTEGO. The lipstick is long on the lips and is good to apply. In addition to the actual product that’s also Chanel lipsticks incredibly well designed :-) You can find the lipstick by clicking Buy Lipstick.


This is a metallic silver eyeshadow. It is fast and extremely well-pigmented. Color is strong and can easily blends out or with other colors. There is a lot of product, but it does not take much space in makeup folder. The shadow is easy to apply and sprinkles not very much, just a little. Ooog, wait for it ….. Urban Decay does not test on animals! Joho, then this may be used without the guilt! The rest of the range from Urban Decay can be found by clicking Buy Urban Decay.

Below I have attached a picture which I have on both Chanel lipstick and Urban Decay eye shadow. Here is the silver eye shadow to the entire lid, but blends into a black color (which I already had) in the edge and global.


This is an incredibly good concealer! It has a good opacity and is nice to apply. I used my finger, but it went just fine. Tried to brush too, and it worked well. It is a duoconcealer, so it has two shades. The right suit me fine, while the left is too light. Can still use this as a sort of highlight to open up the face. Very pleased with this product that is! It covers blemishes and redness, so it is incredibly good. To buy it just click Buy Gemma Kidd. I have the color 01 – Fair.


This palette can only be described with one word: PERFECT. It has both shimmering and matte colors, all in natural tones. The colors are insanely pigmented and last for a long time! Struggled to get the most off with the makeup remover yes, haha. It has at least all the shadows you need to create a natural look. I love it! Was totally in love with the one time I tried it. And you – in addition to these fabulous eye shadows gets a black eyeliner and red lipstick! Johooo, I jump for joy! This is the everything you need, and it costs just a a few pounds. You must buy this, seriously. I am speechless. Could talked about this wonderful box for several hours, but think I’ll spare you that. Recommended!! You can buy it by clicking Snow White Palette.